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Global Warming: Anthropogenic or Not?

Here is a dispassionate, sincere, logical and scientifically valid look at the CAGW scaremongering, world-wide, financial and political destructive solutions to a climate change situation that has not been scientifically validated. My ‘money’ and reputation are firmly and confidently ‘on’ … Continue reading

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DHS to buy 7000 full-auto assault rifles, calls them ‘personal defense weapons’

Figure out this US government action and tell me where there is any trace of sanity involved? Sanity in arming civil services with assault weapons  and enough ammunition to kill the whole American population 4 times over? Sanity in the … Continue reading

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Pentagon’s Global Expansion Plans for 2013: Interview with Rick Rozoff

Originally posted on nsnbc:
Pentagon’s Global Expansion Plans for 2013: Interview with Rick Rozoff The US did not set up US/AFRICA Command as a social service agency – Rick Rozoff  interviewed by John Robles Regular Voice of Russia contributor Rick Rozoff discusses Syrian…

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