Time to Say Thank You, Again!

Fast approaching 2 years of life for this “The Golden Rule” blog and its success is substantially due to a great deal of support from readers/viewers.

Knowledge will make you free

Knowledge will make you free (Photo credit: tellatic)

I would continue in any case for my own benefit because it is rewarding for me to express myself, to vent internal frustration, to practice creativity, to gain knowledge and to achieve self-understanding and a great deal about what is going on in the world. All these things make me a better person and contribute to my self-esteem.

Nevertheless, it is the knowledge that people are reading the posts, ‘liking’, ‘following; and ‘commenting’ that really gives me a buzz.  The “icing on the cake”, so to speak. If readers are also gaining insights into the world’s activities, behaviours and injustices this is a tremendously important result for me.

I like to think that information here is correct and relevant – some of it obviously factual, a lot of it is opinion offered by linked blogs and myself. Truth or correctness is often in the eye of the beholder, it seems. When conclusions are based on insufficient knowledge, or incorrect information, they are surely less likely to be correct. I do my best to avoid that source of error and also try to apply logic in an effective way.

It is clear that many people accept misinformation without realizing it, also that clear thought processes are seriously degraded by bias and emotive issues. Again, I try to minimize these influences in the quest for truth and justice, the blog’s aim.

I expect readers to let me know if they see such deficiencies produced here. Nobody is perfect and certainly not me.

So the first important thing is to offer a sincere, heartfelt and huge thank you, dear readers. I would ask your forgiveness if I fail to individually acknowledge reader responses. I mostly respond to comments but am unable to keep up with the ‘likes’ and even the ‘follows’. They are really appreciated and probably deserve more of my attention.

[A sort of afterthought – some genuine comments may inadvertently not be discernible from the spam queue. To make a comment obviously not spam, please say something specific to the topic and provide a sender name that is recognizable. And of course, if you are promoting any product or service, it would need to be very relevant to get out of the spam basket.]

Secondly, without the brilliant sources of information from which I draw, and often copy, material, the value of this blog would be much depleted. If I overstep the courtesy, copyright and/or ethical boundaries of outside suppliers, I sincerely apologize. It is hoped that I actually create extra exposure and recognition of your own blogs/identities sufficiently to compensate for my “plagiarism”.

On themes and topics: It is self-evident from the blog where I am coming from.

Health, justice, truth, respect, civil liberties, personal freedoms including free speech are the main positive issues.

Oppression, injustice, lies, aggression, killing, maiming, starving, deceiving and robbing are the main negative triggers for a critical post to appear here.

“Do unto others as you would yourself do unto them” works in most cases as a lifestyle and personal goal. That is, if you are not a sadist or a psychopath. Unfortunately the latter cases seem to largely dominate the higher echelons of what we still strangely call “civilization”. But we are talking about ideals, without which we are lost, however hard they may be to be put into practice.

Initially there is the Health topic. For my own benefit but hopefully useful to all.

Provocative and conspiratorial issues,  of course feature prominently.

I like to think that I have enough knowledge and enough intelligence to discern when the truth is not forthcoming in many issues. Obviously there are many who disagree, BUT there are enough readers and fellow bloggers that are on my side of the fence, to maintain my confidence in my own abilities to understand and fight the following social and political issues:

 Terrorism, and Regime Change – Who are the worst terrorist influences, pretty well starting with the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks.

“Climate Change” – The second-most misinterpreted political and scientific issue that is another instrument of destruction in the global community.

Medical Malpractice – A seriously suspect area of our civilization, ranging from the validity of “remedial” medications (eg, statins) through to “preventative” medications (vaccinations). Two adverse agendas arguably emerge here – profit and population control.

Global Financial Crisis – Why is the financial world so shaky and getting worse?

These are my “hobby horses”. Extremely contentious but much valid criticism and evidence exists to support the questioning of the officially accepted versions.

All four? I hear someone ask. Where does that place me in the overall scheme of things? (I shall ignore the unheard but guessed at negative answers).

Well, I think the simple answer is that they are in fact all connected, and the issues are all related to a real planetary threat, that of world domination by an evolving “New World Order”, (there’s that ‘nutter’ word again I hear).

That is how I see things, the dots connect that way. Follow the money. Think about it! Read about it. Not from the general press, although there are signs that they are drifting away from their owners’ and financiers’ agendas of misinformation.

To those doubters of what I suggest, the incredulous, please give yourselves some time to deeply consider the facts. Read, read and keep reading articles on the internet and at least wonder how much reality is to be found in the mainstream press and what really makes sense when you connect the dots!

Think about this – if I am wrong about these things, are any part of them, poor me, the fool. Not much harm done, I guess.  BUT, if I am right and the general public are going to find out that they are the “fools”, I wont gloat but will feel vindicated. The public, on the other hand, will curse themselves and have much to regret.

I am not asking people to take my word for anything, other than that these issues deserve consideration. I offer information and sources, together with my opinions and conclusions. Enough for people to become curious, realize the possibilities and to make up their own own minds.

Milestones: We have just burst through several significant numbers – an excess of 1000 posts, 200 followers and 32,000 hits.

Special thanks to: ‘The Internet Post‘, ‘JustMeinT‘, ‘Natural News‘, ‘Signs of the Times‘, ‘Musings from Chiefio‘, ‘COTO‘ and ‘nsnbc‘. Many others who will know who they are for also providing much of value.

About Ken McMurtrie

Retired Electronics Engineer, most recently installing and maintaining medical X-Ray equipment. A mature age "student" of Life and Nature, an advocate of Truth, Justice and Humanity, promoting awareness of the injustices in the world.
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9 Responses to Time to Say Thank You, Again!

  1. hirundine608 says:

    Best wishes for your continued success!

    • Sincere thanks Jamie.
      Best regards to you also,

    • Sincere thanks Oliver, your support is much appreciated.
      Best regards, Ken.

      • omanuel says:

        Your primary goal: “Standing Up for Truth and Justice – In a violent and oppressive world where lies and injustices prevail. – will ultimately benefit the oppressed, as well as their oppressors.

        All are victims of foolish decisions made in the aftermath of the Second World War.

        Today society is collapsing. Government agencies, charitable organizations, churches and individuals are doing everything they can to prevent it, but our leaders cannot lead society because fear-based decisions made in 1945 left them powerless to face today’s harsh reality:

        a.) A growing population
        b.) A limited supply of fossil fuels,
        c.) Radioactive waste that accumulated from nuclear reactors in the past, and
        d.) Science advisors that destroyed the integrity of every major field of science after 1945 in order to hide information from the public about the source of energy that
        destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

        The only viable solution will be for all mankind to get right-sized and accept their rightful place in the grand scheme of our benevolent cosmos.

  2. omanuel says:

    Thank you, Ken, for all that you have done to restore:

    _ a.) Integrity to government science, and
    _ b.) Constitutional limits on government !

    These two issues have been related for the past sixty-seven years, since the UN was established on 24 Oct 1945 to

    _ c.) Eliminate national constitutions and national boundaries and to
    _ d.) Hide information on the source of nuclear energy (neutron repulsion) that powers nuclear bombs, nuclear reactors, heats Jupiter, ordinary stars like the Sun, and causes AGN (active galactic nuclei) to fragment.

    Exactly as George Orwell predicted in the book he started writing in 1946, “1984”

    Best wishes for continued success!
    – Oliver K. Manuel

  3. Happy Birthday Dear Friend and blogger……. you do us all proud with your muttering, ramblings and deeply though out articles. Blessings from Tasmania

    • Thank You Clare.
      One of the rewards I failed to mention is the making of new friends, such as yourself.
      Thanks for commenting and all your contribution.
      Best wishes.

  4. ggita32 says:

    great work here Ken……all the best. All of us try to visit at least once a day here and find great posts.
    Thomas and all of your friends at The Internet Post

    • Thanks Thomas and all friends at TIP.
      I remember your good wishes when I branched to my own blog and, I think Crystal’s hope that I didn’t get too big to leave TIP behind.
      I have done neither, getting too big nor leaving you behind. However it is regretful that I can’t spend much time on your blog.
      No matter, you guys are doing a great job, too much for me to keep up with comments, reblogs and especially creating posts.
      Best wishes to all.

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