Al Gore’s “Reality Minions” think the North Pole is melting – except that’s NOT a photo of the North Pole

For those persons who are basing their AGW/CO2dangers/carbon tax+ beliefs on “evidence” such as that the North pole melt is due to man-made causes, please read this.

It has “melted” in the recent past several times – 1959, 1962, 1987. All before the ‘dreaded’ global warming hoax took hold.

Not only that, but the photographic evidence of this year’s melt is incorrect.

Time to have a deeper think about your beliefs, perhaps?

WUWT source reference here.

Watts Up With That?

Even journalists get tripped up into thinking this is photo from the North Pole. At the real North Pole, history shows this to be a relatively common occurrence.

It isn’t very hard to catch Al Gore and his Climate Reality project followers in ridiculous claims that don’t hold up. For example there was his statement on national television where he claimed the temperature of the interior of the Earth was “millions of degrees” and then there is his “Climate 101” video that failed so they had to fake the results in post production. None of his followers call him out on such things, so it isn’t a surprise to find that they think this photo proves the North Pole is melting, far worse than before.


Only one problem: that picture wasn’t taken at the North Pole, it was taken over 300 miles away. 

You see while they were busy…

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Retired Electronics Engineer, most recently installing and maintaining medical X-Ray equipment. A mature age "student" of Life and Nature, an advocate of Truth, Justice and Humanity, promoting awareness of the injustices in the world.
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2 Responses to Al Gore’s “Reality Minions” think the North Pole is melting – except that’s NOT a photo of the North Pole

  1. rogerthesurf says:


    Here is a recent account of boats plying the NW passage recently.

    And here is a video that you and your readers may enjoy.



    • Thanks Roger.
      The reported level of melting was misleading and fraudulent in associating it with “global warming” and has now become redundant as shown in your ‘sail-world” link.
      The fact that melting to the point of enabling direct access to boats is a normal occasional occurrence, as exampled in 1959, proves the lie(s).

      Unfortunately, the Greens have moved from a genuine concern about pollution and sustainability to a fanatical agenda of destroying our general well-being. The public are waking up. I enjoyed your attached video and hope it entertains our readers.
      Regards, Ken.

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