Nuccitelli brings out the Consensus Calculator

Once most people believe something that even becomes logically incorrect, they will cling to all straws to defer the inevitable.

As for the perpetrators of the CO2 and carbon control pseudo-science, they will never admit being wrong, even long after the evidence is clear to any clear-thinking person, scientist or not.

To continue to support the 97% “consensus” is to exhibit a serious lack of commonsense.

Australian Climate Madness

I cannot believe how rapidly Dana Nuccitelli (he of Un-Sk Ps-Sc fame) has wheeled out the ACM Consensus Calculator to rubbish a study which rejects the ludicrous 97% figure that he and John Cook constantly bandy about.

When a survey reveals significantly less of a consensus than Un-Sk Ps-Sc would like, the CC is employed to make sure that it is “really” still 97%. The survey in question is this one by the American Meteorological Society, which shows that out of 1800 odd members who responded, only 52% believed that the cause of recent warming was “mostly human”. This will never do:

The misrepresentations of the study have claimed that it contradicts the 97 percent expert consensus on human-caused global warming. The prior studies that have found this high level of consensus were based specifically on climate experts – namely asking what those who do climate science research think, or what their…

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