ALERT: OBAMA Quietly Orders $1,000,000,000 [Billion] Worth of Disposible FEMA Coffins

Today, I am on the defensive about apparent anti-social behaviour by authorities.

The “Four Winds” is certainly throwing caution to the “wind” with this provocative article. Their conclusions are extreme and serious and invite reactions of disbelief and incredulousness. BUT, if the observations are true, what other possible explanations can there be?

If true, and there is a great deal of supporting evidence to back up that belief, this scenario is horrific and impossible to conceive.

Once again, I go out on that proverbial limb and offer readers some thought provoking material which is too bad to be true, or is it?

Count Down to Zero

Obama has been operating behind the scenes to prepare an action in case of an American revolt that will not only squash a revolution, but kill many of its participants.  The first step of this action would be to disarm the American people, and throw anyone that is, or might be, a threat into a detention center—a FEMA camp.  During the course of the revolt, many will die, both in battle and in the camps—an inevitable circumstance Obama is already preparing for.

The current President of the United States, amongst other things, has already ordered $1 Billion dollars worth of disposable coffin liners.  Around the country is stored the 5 million, what will be, FEMA coffins in various locations.

According to land owners, the CDC is leasing land in order to store the strangely large amounts of coffins on their land.  A man who recently stumbled across a stockpile of the top-secret government purchase claims the, what look like plastic bins, to be, “multi-use cremation containers.”

The containers are excessively large for one person, and as the commentator notes, could hold 3 or 4 bodies, maybe more.  He continues to state that the containers, under patent # 5,425,163, “are cremation containers for multiple bodies,” that, “generate very little pollution.”


Along with this, the Department of Homeland Security has also ordered their own stockpile of 14 million body bags. What could cause the government to make such purchases in anticipation of so many deaths?

The next purchase seemed to shed a little more light on the subject.  The DHS ordered 140 million long-life meals or MREs (meals ready to eat).  Now of course our military does have the need for MREs as our boys overseas eat them regularly, but they are ordered by their military division, not the DHS.

The DHS is anticipating the enactment of FEMA camps all across the nation—and of course when you incur prisoners, you must feed them.  This along with the several secretive locations of FEMA camps that are just waiting to need, makes these purchases extremely frightening.

Read the article here and please comment on how this scenario strikes you. What possible explanations can there be?  

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Retired Electronics Engineer, most recently installing and maintaining medical X-Ray equipment. A mature age "student" of Life and Nature, an advocate of Truth, Justice and Humanity, promoting awareness of the injustices in the world.
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12 Responses to ALERT: OBAMA Quietly Orders $1,000,000,000 [Billion] Worth of Disposible FEMA Coffins

  1. hirundine608 says:

    What on earth is a disposable coffin? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Personally, I hope to be cremated when I die …… it’s the only way to fly!

    1 billion dollars worth of coffins? That’s a whole lotta’ coffin? It wasn’t the cough that carried him off, it was the coffin the carried him off in!

    • Thanks hirundine608.
      Have to agree about the oxymoron.
      Also have to agree with your humour.
      This is a situation where one does not know whether to laugh or cry – laughing is probably the best solution, given that this is all well above our control, and well out of control.
      At least we have the wherewithal to make valued judgments. Even though worthless in the greater picture, it is satisfying that we are capable of grasping reality.

  2. hirundine608 says:

    Thanks Ken!

    Ahh! Multi-use cremation containers? When they mean big enough for three or four? Why can’t they just say, “big honkin’, low-pollutin’, cremation boxes”? I agree it looks like the Feds are planning on taking away guns from civilians? Or maybe they’re planning on going into Venezuela?

    Here’s hoping the link works?

    • 1938, would you believe it? Before the world went completely mad with nuclear armaments and the start of never-ending wars and the World Order evil.
      Whatever the detailed reasons for the US leadership actions, there is no doubt whatsoever that they are up to no good.
      What a sweet pair of innocent girls, like a breath of fresh air. So welcome in this “dirty” world of polluted environment and minds.

  3. RonaldR says:

    With this article there is no documentation to verify the story but on the possibility of a lot of deaths there are these facts
    Obama is a an agent of the British crown & British empire ,the heads of this are also heads of the Eugenics movement and the Green movement and they openly state the world population has to be reduced to Below 1 Billion.
    The Transatlantic financial system is bankrupt and ready to crash worse than the crash of the 30’s
    The state of the financial system in the past has lead to War and Obama is pushing for war especially with Russia and China as they will not give up their status as a free nation state.
    Texas and California are heading into the worst drought ever it will end all food production in those areas .The Government should be now working to stop there being such a shortage of water , LarouchePac web site has been pushing to have the solution started for a long time , I have found LaRouche the most reliable source to find what is going on and why and the Solutions .

    • Yes Ronald, LaRouche understands much and generally advises wisely. But he tends to be a bit bitter and doesn’t suffer fools or evil leaders gladly.
      He has the Obama persona judged very accurately, it seems. Not a lot of evidence of the British royals being top of the ‘ungodly’ heap. I guess the press, even the alternative media, are a tad wary of printing anything too provocative.
      Thanks for your comment.
      He is especially skilled in assessing the financial situation.

  4. wandakate says:

    Sounds like depopulation is about the take place. They believe there are way too many humans on earth and they wish to dispose of a good many of them and will need these things in order to accomplish that purpose.

    • I believe that depopulation is a policy of the world government movement. There seems to be no doubt that this movement exists and is becoming increasingly active.
      Civil wars are a sure way of achieving this whilst making money via armaments, but such methods are also to achieve control over the people.
      The authorities know that the American people will not for ever accept being controlled and degraded, and appear to be prepared to add them to the sacrificial total.

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