Dempsey’s Statement to Senate spells “U.S. Special Warfare in Iraq”

More important insight and background into the US deception and aggression in the Middle East.

Reading this enables a true conception of the “games” being played, the lies being told and the total fantasy of the basis/pretext for the US and other countries to expand military action in the Midde East.

UK, France and Israel are fully aware of this subterfuge, I hope Australia is simply ignorant and not part of this evil world hegemony.

BTW, this pretext is also being used to heighten security procedures everywhere, including Australia. Not only extending the fantasy but imposing unnecessary losses of civil liberties. The irony of this is that the falsely “justified” Middle East incursions actually create increased terrorist activities, and/or the justification for them.

So, as often asked here, who are the real terrorists?

New post on ‘nsnbc international’, view here.

A couple of extracts:

Dempsey’s Statement to Senate spells “U.S. Special Warfare in Iraq”

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : The Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey appeared before the Senate’s Armed Services Committee, answering questions about the possible involvement of U.S. troops in combat operations in Iraq.


It is noteworthy that the previous chairman of the Committee, Senator McCain, illegally entered Syria in April 2013, to meet with what he then described as “the Syrian opposition” and “the Free Syrian Army”.

The American historian Webster G. Tarpley noted in that regard that the French “” had come up with a photo of McCain’s April 2013 meeting in a safe house.  The photo shows McCain, not only with Free Syrian Army Chief Salam Idriss, but also with Ibrahim al-Badri, a.k.a. al-Baghdadi, who is lately known as “Caliph Ibrahim” the Leader / Caliph of the Islamic State or ISIL.

John McCain meeting illegally in a rebel safe house with the heads of the “Free Syrian Army” in Idlib, Syria in April, 2013. In the left foreground, top al Qaeda terrorist leader Ibrahim al-Badri (aka Al-Baghdadi of ISIS, aka Caliph Ibrahim of the recently founded Islamic Empire) with whom the Senator is talking. Behind Badri is visible Brigadier General Salim Idris (with glasses), the former military chief of the FSA, who has since fled to the Gulf states after the collapse of any semblance of the FSA. (Courtesy

It is also noteworthy that Dempsey has been implicated as one of the main architects of the chemical weapons attack on the Damascus suburb East Ghouta, that almost prompted a U.S. military campaign against Syria in 2013. A detailed report, entitled Top US and Saudi Officials responsible for Chemical Weapons in Syria details Dempsey’s role.

The final decision to invade Iraq, using ISIS/ISIL/IS as mercenaries and pretext for military involvement was reportedly made on the sidelines of the Atlantic Council’s Energy Summit in Turkey, in November 2013.

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2 Responses to Dempsey’s Statement to Senate spells “U.S. Special Warfare in Iraq”

  1. I hope Australia is simply ignorant and not part of this evil world hegemony.”
    It appears not, as Australia now has its very own terrorism scare tactic system in action.

    The timing was “perfect”, the media sensationalism “magnificent”, heightened terror alert, “justification” for military presence in Iraq, legislation for increased surveillance and decreased private freedoms.
    The worst of all this is generation of Islamic-phobia in a country with no actual terrorist activity and minimal race discrimination. They are determined to change this, it appears.

    Australia will never be the same again. Heading down the US self-destruct path?
    All this from a deliberate subterfuge to further the Middle East resources take-over.
    (Well, I am entitled to my opinion. Time will reveal if I am correct or not!)

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