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Disturbing Forced Vaccine Push in The Andy Griffith Show by Heather Callaghan

Recent posts by Heather Callaghan:

Measles Strains: How Many and What You Don’t Know by Catherine Frompovich

Gotcha! Therein is found the measles outbreak problem(s), in this writer’s opinion. Just like the CDC/FDA admits the wrong influenza strains [1] have been ‘guessed’ for inclusion in the 2014-25 flu vaccines—that everyone is hounded to get—the same apparently can be said about the measles strain in vaccines.

Vaccine Apocalypse Now by Jack Mullen

A Vaccine Apocalypse is in progress Now in America. This is a war, started centuries ago and continues today because Americans have no education in the history of vaccines or the nature of medical tyranny.

There is a war raging against American Citizens, an attack, hidden and packaged in a religion of pretended Authority, presented and sold by an immoral and synthetic, media manufactured, culture of self-sacrifice, guilt, pacifism, denial and learned helplessness.

The phony, plastic, unnatural culture is supported by pseudo-science, monopoly capitalism, false intellectualism and a growing expression of violence against those beginning to see behind the mask of this specious malevolent deception.

 This is a full blown attack on the vaccine industry and is recommended reading for all parents who believe they know, or wish to know, enough to make their own decisions.

 At Today’s rate, half of All U.S. Children Will Be Autistic (by 2025)  [D]

Recently Dr. William Thompson Senior Scientist with the Centers for Disease Control publicly admitted, in August 2014, the CDC covered up data linking the MMR vaccine to Autism in 1998 — and yet nothing has been done about this ongoing tragedy that apparently will never end. In fact, the mainstream scripted news outlets, such as FOX, CNN, MSNBC and disinformation sites like are claiming William Thompson’s revelations are a hoax – yet Doctor Andrew Wakefield had already shown a correlation between vaccines in an article published in The Lancet Medical Journal in 1998, meanwhile children are still be forced to suffer the MMR vaccine and Autism rates are still climbing. (Source)




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