Malcolm Turnbull, CO2 emissions trading, Britain and MOTIVATIONS.

Sometimes, I look back on a previous post and marvel at it.
This one is worth re-posting at this volatile time in Australian politics and press trouble-making.
Do we want Malcolm Turnbull as PM? A resounding NO from me!


Malcolm Turnbull

I refer to a Citizens Electoral Commission (Aust)  ( post
 that gets seriously stuck into Malcolm Turnbull and related issues. (Thanks JustMeInT for referral).

This is the full article. I endorse all of it as factual information, but have some reservation regarding some of the terminology and personal vitriol.

A good summary of the debacle of carbon trading and its ramifications.

The global warming scam has again flashed its “Made in Britain” label, in Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull’s sudden brinkmanship on the emissions trading scheme. During the Rudd Government, no issue has been more divisive in the parliamentary Liberal Party than Rudd’s CO2 emissions trading legislation, the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme. Instead of waiting for his party to agree to a position, Turnbull blew up the situation on 2ndOctober, by publicly attacking Liberal MPs who don’t support an ETS as “reckless and irresponsible” and “anonymous smart-arses”…

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