What Are the Reasons for Smart Meters When Analog Meters Were Safe?

This is an article about the Smart meter “debate” applicable to consumers in the USA.English: A electrical 'smart' meter installed ...

Exactly the same issues, except that the potential danger of starting fires is probably higher there. It would be interesting to discover if any Australian government, authority or power company members use their influence to also opt out from the program?

A few extracts to provide the “gist”, the complete ‘Activist Post‘ article is linked HERE.

“By Catherine J. Frompovich The backlash agains members in Australiat retrofitting AMI Smart Meters (SMs) on utility companies’ fire- and RF/EMF-safe analog meters for electricity, gas and water customers is growing exponentially across the country. In states where customers are refusing SMs and wind up going to court, some interesting legal repercussions are happening. Here’s what happened in California in late June of 2015:”
“After a 16-month standoff in California between an electric utility customer, who refused an SM, and the utility company PSREC (Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative of Portola), it was revealed that Superior Court Judge Ira Kaufman has a no-cost, self-read analog meter at his home! (What does the Judge know about SMs, and why did he not have an SM on his house?) As a result of those findings during the appeal process, PSREC’s General Manager Bob Marshall agreed to connect the customer’s electricity, drop all past fees, and provide self-read analog service at no charge. [Source: Email to CJF citing “Stop Smart Meters Bulletin”.]”
“The utility industry report issued by the EPRI “Accuracy of Digital Electricity Meters,” published in 2010, calls the analog meter “an amazing piece of engineering work.” So, why did utilities opt for fire and hazard-prone AMI Smart Meters (SMs)?””
“There’s another problem with SMs, according to the Report: With electromechanical meters, modes of failure tend to be perma­nent. Once a meter or its register fails, due to wear, dust, etc., it is generally still found to be in a failed state when tested later. Software flaws, on the other hand, could create a transient glitch, leaving a meter that checks-out perfectly afterwards. This possibility compli­cates the diagnostic process for solid state meters and may make it difficult to discern the root cause of problems. Probably that’s the reason why utility companies explain that nothing is wrong with customers’ high bills, even when they check out the SMs, and they do nothing to correct the SM’s erroneous ways of over-reporting to the delight of utility companies’ bottom lines.”

We still await justice in Australia, as the same issues of safety, mainly radiation, apply here. Mandatory installation of Smart meters is not justifiable except for political reasons which override any consumer concerns of health, privacy, susceptibility of electronic failures, incorrect bills, hacking and accidental or deliberate power disconnections.

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2 Responses to What Are the Reasons for Smart Meters When Analog Meters Were Safe?

  1. icouldahad says:

    A few years ago I spent about 10 months reading UN documents, mostly older ones because those were the foundation docs that have been built upon.
    Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to locate the doc again, but in it the UN wanted somebody to come up with a way energy produced in A nations could be redistributed to B and C countries.
    That was the gist of what it said and it took me several days to actually extract that meaning from the text b/c the UN is very good at wording things in such a way as it all seems so benign and well-meaning.
    There also had to be a way to collect energy data on individual consumers so the UN could know who was an energy glutton. All of this info was to be given to the UN – they are hungry data seekers. Since then there is now this:
    Hope I can post links.
    So the collusion began and the industry came up with SMs so they could quickly gather ‘real-time’ energy use and the SMs would be connected it to a grid, which is supposed to be a world-wide grid, and when energy is being over-consumed by one country/individual, it can be diverted from that country/individual and ‘redistributed’ to someone who doesn’t have any (don’t ask me how – that wasn’t a part of the doc. Maybe if B/C countries have a grid system set up they don’t need to be producers b/c ‘energy’ can just be pinged around the grid)
    Oh, and this was the best part. The UN feels it must be in control of this system because it is unbiased and will ensure every country/person has just the right amount of enrgy needed to maintain a healthy economy and living conditions.
    I betcha anything that UN officials, politicians and everyone else privy during the development stage of SM tech have made blistering amounts of money b/c they knew where to invest. Wouldn’t doubt, either, that investment in mobile phone/SM tech isn’t also a part of Vic gov pension portfolios but there isn’t an investigation journo out there who could… or would… look into that.
    Somebody’s making a lot of money off this dirty tech, and it ain’t the folks who’ve been manipulated into having it.
    All the evil on this planet can somehow be traced to the UN.

  2. hirundine608 says:

    Probably their ability to monitor usage. … Cheers Jamie

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