Listen: Bone Chilling Narration By Harrison Ford Speaking As The Ocean

Posted on Facebook by ‘Collective Evolution‘, ” Harrison Ford is the Ocean

I can’t think of any reason why all people shouldn’t watch and think about this. It could have relevance to other environmental substances and even creatures but the ocean is the greatest contributor to man’s survival and serves as a great example.

I was thinking about trees, bees, birds, fish, plants, clean atmosphere, inland water storages and waterways, all essential to our existence and future.  Sources of sustenance, shelter, personal protection, nutrition and health foods.

An aside, hemp stands out as an important survival product of nature, offering a great range of supporting end products, permitting possible continuation of our species if, in fact we were not otherwise reliant on petroleum and other fossil fuel products.

Minerals provide a wide variety of other human support items, have become essentials in our life styles, but their non-use would not be a cause for extinction. (?)

So it is that our industrialization of the planet has provided much to “improve” our lives, but, paradoxically, has introduced all the side-effects (if you like), that actually threaten the extinction of mankind.

Regardless of the issue of so-called “climate change”, which may or may not be due to man-made by-products, it is clear-cut that just about all our industrialization is destroying our habitat and threatening our future.

Inland waterways are polluted by chemicals and trash, the oceans are polluted by oil and gas spills, plastics and other human refuse, nuclear material radiation and chemical outflows.

The atmosphere is polluted by chemical spraying, other chemicals, combustion products and, again nuclear radiation products. (I do not include CO2 as a pollutant – it’s 0.04% atmospheric content is no more than in past eons and a little more offers much more in the way of plant production and no provable  ill-effects!)

Our grown food products are adulterated by GMO’s, pesticides and herbicides, and processed “foods” poisoning us with chemical substitutes, additives, excess sugar and preservatives.

All of this, ironically, supports the global government initiatives of industrial phase-out and depopulation, a proposed political ideology I personally abhor, yet it makes sense, unfortunately.

Thus, pollution is the crux of the survival problem. Industrial processes causing contamination must be cleaned up or replaced by clean alternatives. Waste controls must be effective. Food production must be free of contaminants and health-threatening substances.

Fossil burning processes must be rendered “clean” or replaced gradually, in a controlled way. Nuclear radiation and waste by-products must be rendered pollution free or eradicated.

Efficient energy sources other than fossil fuels must be developed. All alternatives investigated, Tesla principles and any other previously clobbered by the oil industry must be looked at.

How do we do all this without reversing the current political power spearheaded by the UN that is taking us initially into the dark ages in order to achieve the  same end result of a clean and desirable planet?

How can we oppose this UN power? Impossible maybe, but if the public understands what is really going on, only then can there be any hope.



About Ken McMurtrie

Retired Electronics Engineer, most recently installing and maintaining medical X-Ray equipment. A mature age "student" of Life and Nature, an advocate of Truth, Justice and Humanity, promoting awareness of the injustices in the world.
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  2. petchary says:

    Absolutely marvelous video. Nature doesn’t need us. We need Nature.

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