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Vaccines have been based on medical fraud for over a hundred years

‘Natural News‘ adds to their expose of the vaccine industry and paints a very black picture. This claim exceeds even my own level of distrust that has developed over the years, based on information published here, from various sources (linked … Continue reading

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The Cancer Report.

Excited to reblog this, for obvious reasons.

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Homeopaths under assault in Australia

A post on ‘Natural News‘ titled “Homeopaths under assault in Australia after NHMRC threatens to declare their work unethical”, is significant. There is no justification for such an action, only unethical attacks on public health and unethical support for pharmaceutical … Continue reading

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World Renown Heart Surgeon Speaks Out On What Really Causes Heart Disease

What an upside down world we live in. The message for years has been that a low-fat diet is good for the prevention of heart disease, come to find out, that was wrong advice. It was advice that benefits the … Continue reading

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Vaccines as ‘Cluster Bombs’

COTO report By Rowan Contraho. Shiv Chopra, the Canadian microbiologist known for having helped stop the approval of rBGH, did so not by making true but complex arguments about its association to cancers, but by reducing the issue to an undeniable … Continue reading

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