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Persuing the World Issues theme, that is currently lead here by the “No Spin News” link, here is an excerpt from the NSCBC latest post.

So why did the Sun Kings of Europe and the USA hate Ghadafi.

Colonialism in Africa has changed significantly since the USA entered African Politics after world war two, and very significantly, with the consolidation of the European Union. While France has particular national interests in the CFA region, most of Southern Europe’s states are working towards an expansion of the European Market to the Mediterranean Basin, and a new colonization by means of economic control and military presence in Northern Africa. Seldom mentioned in the corporate media, the Royal Family of Morocco is a stern supporter of this policy. Cooperation on multiple areas, such as the control of the Mediterranean Basin States Social Economy (34) have been implemented for years.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy made it his personal ambition to achieve what even Napolean did not , a colonization of the entire Northern and Western African Continent. In 2008 France and the European Union had been so far in their preparations, that the only remaining obstacle for it´s North African Colonial Ambitions was Libya, and Libya outright rejected to play into the hands of the want to be colonialists. When asked for his opinion about the Mediterranean Basin alliance, Muammar Ghadafi said: “If Europe wants co-operation, it should go through Cairo and Adis Abeba”. (35) In 2008, President Sarkozy wanted to make the Mediterranean Alliance his contribution to the European Union, and during the six months of the French E.U. Presidency (ibid.) French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner did not only convey Sarkozy´s “disappointment”, but clearly indicated that Libya and Ghadafi had become “the” obstacle for further colonial expansion in Northern Africa, when he stated that “ Colonel Ghadafi is not in agreement with this vision. Neither was he in agreement with the Barcelona process which we intend to support and pursue”(ibid.).

The reason why Libya opposed the Mediterranean Alliance was, that it would have split, rather than united African Nations. Rather than establishing one more “zone” like the CFA Region in Northern Africa, Ghadafi and Libya were lobbying the African Union to abandon the CFA treaties with France, and to establish a Pan-African, gold backed currency, which would end the usury, the robbery of African nations ressources, and the enslavement of an entire continents population. The Libyan arguments were persuasive. Libya had the highest per capita GDP, the highest standard of living, social services, wages, job security, education program, litteracy rate, and countless other “firsts” among African Nations. After Ghadafi´s and Libya´s out right rejection of the Mediterranean Alliance (ibid.) and success at lobbying for a Pan-African currency, with among other Laurent Gbagbo from Ivory Coast meant, that the USA and Europe had only one option left, to topple the Libyan Government by any means necessary.

Read the article titled ” Neo-Colonialism, Subversion in Africa and Global Conflict”, and get some clues as to what is going on in the world around us.

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