UAH Global temperature, down over half in October from September

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WUWT posts a global temperature trend continuing to oppose the IPCC and other AGW proponent’s claims. Although GT is a known variable on many time cycle bases, there is little evidence to prove that a man-made increasing influence exists.

I continue to say, over and over, CO2 levels can not be proven to be a direct significant influence on GT and carbon controls are completely unjustified and fraudulent. “The science” is obviously not “settled”. There is no indication in the temperature graph provided by Dr Spenser that the still-increasing atmospheric CO2 level is influencing the trends.  Not to say that a constant slow trend may not always be obvious with other swings and variations of this order being predominant, but, the predicted future trend published in the IPCC papers is nowhere to be seen.

UAH Global Temperature Update for October 2011: +0.11 deg. C

by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

The global average lower tropospheric temperature anomaly for October, 2011 dropped , to +0.11 deg. C (click on the image for the full-size version):

The 3rd order polynomial fit to the data (courtesy of Excel) is for entertainment purposes only, and should not be construed as having any predictive value whatsoever.

Here are this year’s monthly stats:

2011 1 -0.010 -0.055 +0.036 -0.372
2011 2 -0.020 -0.042 +0.002 -0.348
2011 3 -0.101 -0.073 -0.128 -0.342
2011 4 +0.117 +0.195 +0.039 -0.229
2011 5 +0.133 +0.145 +0.121 -0.043
2011 6 +0.315 +0.379 +0.250 +0.233
2011 7 +0.374 +0.344 +0.404 +0.204
2011 8 +0.327 +0.321 +0.332 +0.155
2011 9 +0.289 +0.304 +0.274 +0.178
2011 10 +0.114 +0.169 +0.059 -0.056

The Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, and tropics have all cooled substantially, consistent with the onset of another La Nina, with the tropics now back below the 1981-2010 average.

[Since AMSR-E failed in early October, there will be no more sea surface temperature updates from that instrument.]

For those tracking the daily AMSU 5 data at the Discover website, the temperature free-fall continues so I predict November will see another substantial drop in global temperatures (click for large version):

…taking a line from our IPCC brethren… While any single month’s drop in global temperatures cannot be blamed on climate change, it is still the kind of behavior we expect to see more often in a cooling world.

Read the complete post with many interesting comments here. 

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  1. The world getting global warming.This article helps to understand that.The Temperature Conversion,that is reducing temperature is the only thing make the world to heat less.Thanks for posting.

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