JP Gov officially admitted that Japanese food is harmful

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Alarmist?  TRUTH? Reality?

Why would this report not be true? If it is true, why should it not be published?

If not true, Please would someone of authority point out exactly what is incorrect about this story!

Fukushima Diaries presents this post in good faith, it is included here also in good faith. Why deny that dangers are real, or pretend they don’t exist?

The public get no benefit if they are in danger without that knowledge. If they are denied the opportunity to make appropriate decisions it is morally wrong.

The only gain in hiding the truth is for the perpetrators of the disaster to avoid public wrath. Where is the moral justice in that?

Since 311, every time it turned out a kind of food is contaminated, they made “safety” limit, such as 500 Bq/Kg for vegetables, and allowed them to distribute.

However, at today’s meeting of the Lower House Budget Committee, Edano former chief cabinet secretary, current minister of Economy, Trade and Industry admitted that it is harmful for your health if you keep having it for one year.

Edano former chief cabinet secretary is famous for his trade mark phrase, “In short term,it is not harmful”. He was even called “Short term fraud” by some people.

It is not a small number of people who trusted his word and didn’t evacuate or kept eating food under the “safety limit”.

At today’s meeting of the Lower House Budget Committee, he “explained”.

He held 39 press conferences in the first 2 weeks after 311.

BUT he said “In short term, it is not harmful” ONLY 7 times.

OF those, 5 “In short term, it is not harmful”s were for food and drink.

By this he “meant”, you will be sick if you keep having it for one year, but if you have it once or twice, it doesn’t hurt your body.

2 “In short term, it is not harmful”s were for the north west area of Fukushima plant, which was severely contaminated right after the explosions.

It therefore means, those people who stayed there for long time shall be damaged by radiation.

In conclusion, as Japanese government admitted, if you keep having food from Japan for one year, probably you will be sick.

If it’s only once or twice, you may be ok.

People who abandoned their own sense of judgement, and trusted the government blindly, great job. Good bye.

Further: (my interpretation)

Otsuka Norikazu, a TV news caster was a good Japanese. He devoted himself for the national campaign of “Let’s support north Japan by eating their food.”

He was sent to the hospital for acute lymphatic leukemia on 11/7/2011.

In the morning, he touched his neck and felt something strange. He went to the doctor.

The doctor diagnosed him to be acute lymphatic leukemia.

It is not clear the connection between his patriotic challenge and acute lymphatic leukemia. It will never be clear.

His TV show was named “Wake up TV”. He actually woke up some Japanese at the end of his career.

Mochizuki’s post is linked here.

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