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Learn about Barcodes – Food Safety – Country of Origin

An email from a friend, worth serious consideration. Passing on the opinions and recommendations without prejudice, so to speak. Of course, make up your own minds, as I expect all readers to do about all information on this blog. “This … Continue reading

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Asia-Pacific at Crossroads: Implications For Australian Strategic Defense Policy

From ‘nsnbc’, by Prof. Murrey Hunter ( The 4th Media). This is an impressive, comprehensive document discussing Australia’s defence capability issues, including alliances, past, present and future. Should Australia engage Asia in fantasy or reality? Since the Australian Government’s last … Continue reading

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Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi urged Australia to dismiss its alliance with the United States

Originally posted on WRC559:
John Daly oilprice.com May 23, 2012 It is rare in diplomatic circles for governments to speak bluntly, particularly in the Orient, where manners are highly prized. The exceptions to this rule are retired military officers, who…

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JP Gov officially admitted that Japanese food is harmful

Alarmist?  TRUTH? Reality? Why would this report not be true? If it is true, why should it not be published? If not true, Please would someone of authority point out exactly what is incorrect about this story! Fukushima Diaries presents this … Continue reading

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Afghanistan – the drug connection

The opinion is strongly held that heroin production plays a major part in several aspects of the US involvement in Afghanistan. The idea that the drug trade in Afghanistan is enabled and protected by western interests for their own benefit is … Continue reading

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Radiation Deception Continues

This blog is driven by a quest to reveal and promote “truth and justice”. It seems that the number and range of topics is actually increasing daily. This doesn’t say much for the state of the world, but it is heartening to see so … Continue reading

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