Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi urged Australia to dismiss its alliance with the United States

A sequel to the previous post.  ( New book confirms US-Australia plans for war on China )

I see this, not as a warning that China will carry out any action, but that we would be acting in our own best interests if we dissociated ourselves from the US warmongering and their psychopathic self-destruction.

Certainly China has much to gain from trade and friendly relationships with Australia. Certainly Australia has a great deal to gain from the same arrangements. Probably more than we gain from our US alliance and trade.

For them to watch our subservience to the US, a country that in the eyes of the rest of the world is completely off the rails, and not be concerned, would mean their understanding of the world would be sadly awry.


John Daly
May 23, 2012

It is rare in diplomatic circles for governments to speak bluntly, particularly in the Orient, where manners are highly prized.

The exceptions to this rule are retired military officers, who are often able to voice sentiments too impolitic for other channels.

One of the more startling pronouncements in this vein occurred last week when Song Xiaojun, a former senior officer of the People’s Liberation Army, warned that Australia cannot juggle its relationships with the United States and China indefinitely and “Australia has to find a godfather sooner or later. Australia always has to depend on somebody else, whether it is to be the ‘son’ of the US or ‘son’ of China. (It) depends on who is more powerful, and based on the strategic environment.” Noting the rising importance of China as an export market Song added that Australia depended on exporting iron ore to…

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2 Responses to Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi urged Australia to dismiss its alliance with the United States

  1. afteramerica says:

    Reblogged this on AfterAmerica's Blog and commented:
    In New Zealand this is the conversation that we are having all of the time….will Australia be part of USA or China? New Zealand just became a part of NATO thanks for our smiling Prime Minister and Smiling Assassin, John Keys.

    • Thanks for the reblog and comments.
      Orders from NATO put you even further up the pyramid towards the elite rulers, lucky you NZ!
      China might have its Tienanmen square murder to live with, but at least they do not interfere militarily in other countries.
      Which “boss” is better? I guess its a matter of which part, or degree, of inhumanity you prefer. Until America reverses course and rejoins the civilized global world, I prefer China.

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