We Are Heading Into A Little Ice Age

Great Britain: A historic snowfall blanketed G...

Great Britain: A historic snowfall blanketed Great Britain on Jan. 7 this year. A strong high-pressure mode of a pattern called the Arctic Oscillation pushed the jet stream further south and allowed Arctic air masses to invade Northern Europe in December and January, making for unusually severe and cold weather. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From ‘The 4th Media’, an ‘infowars’ post linked here

Here we have another point of view. It has support from other sources. It may lack peer-review but how does one define peer-review? Is peer-review reliable as a scientific gauge if the peers are friends and of the same beliefs or agenda?

Does this point of view have scientific validity? I suggest that it does, without doubt at least as much,  much more than the claimed validity of CO2 having a direct and substantial influence on global temperature.

My wish is for the “ice age” hypothesis to be wrong. If not, we are in for a far worse civilization crisis than a couple of degreesC increase would likely cause. A couple of degreesC that is basically speculation and far from probable.

Little Ice Age (Maunder-Dalton) circulation patterns are emerging and more rapid world cooling is taking over,” says astrophysicist Piers Corbyn.

“The Sun’s magnetic field is getting into a muddle as one half of it changes out of step with the other and this muddled behavior is likely to become very marked in MAY,” says Corbyn, of WeatherAction.com.

“The sun is entering a ‘muddled’ magnetic state. This strange behavior was pointed out by Japanese researchers from the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and the Riken research foundation* who say this was the sort of behavior which probably took place during low periods of solar activity in the past** and which drove the world into a cold state of longer winters, cold Spring months and lousy summers.

“At the same time independent observers have noticed an increase in Little Ice Age type (Maunder-Dalton type) weather events and circulation patterns around the world such as more extreme hailstorms and cyclonic cold weather in Britain and Ireland with the Jet stream shifted well south***.

“These changes and findings increase our confidence in our forecast made two years ago of general world cooling and our specific forecasts for individual months and regions such as for an exceptionally cold May this year in central and east Britain and West Europe – and which comes with the present very warm weather in East Europe which we predicted 4 weeks ahead.

“Although these developing circulation patterns are generally cold the wide-amplitude swings of the jet stream of which they are part also mean there will be some warm or very warm spots. This happened in March with a generally cold or very cold Northern Hemisphere while the UK and USA were warm and extremely warm respectively.

“May will also see dramatic contrasts and we will have more of a grasp on the boundaries between contrasting parts in our detailed May forecasts for Britain and Ireland, Europe and the USA issued at the end of April.


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