AGW – A Tale of Two Records – Misadventure with temperature records

Australia 2009

Australia 2009 (Photo credit: stoofstraat)

From another Aussie, “Ken’s Kingdom”, some enlightenment on misleading information sadly created and published in order to keep the illusion of global warming/carbon control requiring political action, alive and kicking.

A fine bit of scientific analysis by Ken, detecting the manipulation of maximums, minimums and averages, and locations that have created a misleading conclusion.

The only reasonable conclusion we can come to is that there is a deliberate intention to publish misleading conclusions. It would seem to be equally obvious that the motivation, basically to tell lies, has to be to cover up the truth. Let the reader decide the truth of that statement.

Sad that the official jargon has gone viral in the press and on the net.  The related article below is typical of many, and its all based on a lie! What more can I say?

The Bureau of Meteorology, in its recent media release, accepted and repeated by the media, made an astonishing claim:

Bureau of Meteorology confirms it’s been the hottest summer on record

Where did they get the data to make this claim?  Well, in their media release they said:

“Of the 112 locations used in long-term climate monitoring, 14 had their hottest day on record during the summer of 2012/13..”

112.  Not the 700+ of the AWAP (Australian Water Availability Project) used to make the claim about January 7 being the hottest day on record.  112 is the number of sites in the ACORN dataset.

So I’m sure all journalists reporting this claim would have referred to the BOM’s Time Series Graphs on their website, which use the ACORN data, to confirm just where this summer was the hottest on record.  Forgive the sarcasm- they plainly didn’t.  Let’s take a look.

First, here is the plot for the summer mean temperatures for all of Australia 1910-2012 (which includes January and February 2013):


Yep, the 2012-13 summer mean was definitely the highest on (this) record.  There are 6 regions and 7 states/territories in Australia:

Let’s see how each of these performed.

Northern Australia:summer1213  N austNope!

Southern Australia:summer1213  S austNope!

Eastern Australia:   Nosummer1213  E aust

summer1213  SE aust

South Eastern :  No

summer1213  MDB

Murray-Darling Basin  No

What’s going on?  [My emphasis].

Read the complete article ” A Tale of Two Records”,  here, to find out how the public are being hoodwinked.

About Ken McMurtrie

Retired Electronics Engineer, most recently installing and maintaining medical X-Ray equipment. A mature age "student" of Life and Nature, an advocate of Truth, Justice and Humanity, promoting awareness of the injustices in the world.
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