How the Climate scientists confuse the public with serious and knowing Misuse and Manipulation of Data.

How the Climate scientists confuse the public with serious and knowing misuse and manipulation of data.

Watts Up With That?


Guest post by Craig Loehle, Ph.D.

I have good news and bad news. The good news is that USA rainfall is, according to NOAA, rising at 6.5 inches per century. The bad news is that this number is wildly wrong. I also have some observations about temperature

Data from on March 20. Graphs from on March 20.

First the good news. In Figure 1, we have the precipitation trend according to NOAA.


Figure 1. Precipitation trends for lower 48 US state region according to NOAA.

I am not happy that they don’t give the time period for the trend value, nor confidence intervals, but the problem is worse than that. Precipitation is rising for every month and for the year is rising at 0.65 inches per decade. This is 6.5 inches per century. Since the mean annual value for the region is 29.14…

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