Hiding The Decline

good by Al Bore

About kristalklear

Masters in Computer Science. Studies in Journalism and Law Enforcement, 56, married, black, living in south western Ohio
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1 Response to Hiding The Decline

  1. Thanks Crystal for this reblog.
    Although many individual trends and events provide conflicting evidence about the overall global trend there are some which have value. This one adds to the conclusion that there is not a significant global warming trend.
    Another thing, here in Daylesford, Central Victoria, we have snow falling today. This is not a usual event, at a guess perhaps every 10 or so years. It is difficult for me to not see that as significant.

    It looks like it will take at least another 10 years of temperature recordings (hopefully not “cooked”), to prove us so-rudely-called ‘deniers’ to be the ‘aware’ ones. By then, the personally observed and felt, real evidence should over-ride any instrumental measurement, manipulation and computation methods of assessment.

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