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When Natural Health Remedies are considered Illegal it’s time to Start Worrying!

Natural News Insider Alert ( http://www.NaturalNews.com ) – please forward I have deleted some promotional material as part of my policy to minimize commercialism, the information is demanding exposure, so please make of it what you will, but please read … Continue reading

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FDA is now completely sold out to Big Pharma:

From ‘Natural News by Mike Adams: FDA is now completely sold out to Big Pharma: New FDA head Robert Califf is the ultimate pharma insider who took money from 23 drug companies A revelation about the corruption of the pharmaceutical … Continue reading

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Hammond Family Terrorised By Police – An Australian atrocity

My God! This is happening in Australia!  IN AUSTRALIA!!! [See new post Hammond Family Get Support From MP for an update, Feb 12.] Two days ago, January 19 2016, the Hammond family in the outback gold-mining town of Kalgoorlie Western Australia were terrorised … Continue reading

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Why Don’t You Vaccinate?

A comprehensive article that explains why many are unhappy with questionable aspects of current vaccination programs, in particular, mandatory enforcement. All very sensible and rational, like any discussion should be about any issue that is of such importance to our … Continue reading

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Psychopath Vs. Empath: The War Between Truth And Deception

Getting in deep here!  From ‘Collectively Conscious’, posted by Satyapriya. ““If you would be a real seeker after truth,” wrote Rene Descartes, “it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things.” … Continue reading

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Vaccines – The Good, Bad and the Very Ugly!

This issue, as I said recently, needs to be highlighted as a global threat, one which people can understand, if they want to, and act on. Again, if they want to. (Other global threats such as “terrorism” and “climate change” … Continue reading

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Opinion: How Australian government and media benefits from the Sydney Siege

Having just become aware of the ‘Tott News’ blog per the last post, I discover this article providing detail coverage of the background aspects of the Lindt Cafe siege incident. The incident was always open to critical thinking and suspicion. … Continue reading

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New Australian law allows forced vaccinations, quarantine or jail to ‘prevent the spread of disease’

A Draconian and /or Orwellian step backwards for Australia. “The government expects the human control orders to be “seldom used” “ Let’s hope so! “One section of the legislation that has civil liberty campaigners questioning the authoritarian approach of the … Continue reading

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The Coming Push to Give HPV Vaccines to Infants [Revised 17th July]

This month I am trending to favour the vaccination scene, with a very openly critical attitude. My linked and followed sources are partly to ‘blame’, for their constant supply of material, introducing more and more compelling evidence of the injustices … Continue reading

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Vaccinations – an Article on ‘Herd Immunity’ – for discussion.

A blatant copy of a Facebook post: A very strong message, one which deserves critical assessment and a response, verbal or mental, as to the credibility of the pro-mandatory vaccine arguments. Surely they are successfully challenged here? Brian Rogers HERD … Continue reading

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