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America’s Dark History Of Lying To Go To War…

The reality of what is actually happening in the world, in the context of terrorism and wars, is not to be found in the public media. The same claim can be made of many issues, but this post concentrates on … Continue reading

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Psychopath Vs. Empath: The War Between Truth And Deception

Getting in deep here!  From ‘Collectively Conscious’, posted by Satyapriya. ““If you would be a real seeker after truth,” wrote Rene Descartes, “it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things.” … Continue reading

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Gratitude where it is due! Blog Followers and Activist Post.

Dear Readers and Followers, (apologies for initial title typo 🙂 ) Firstly, our publisher WordPress, prints on my screen “You are following this blog, along with 635 other amazing people”. (I am simply following my own blog to ensure I … Continue reading

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The Internet Post – News for reality seekers.

This is a blatant promotion of a closely associated website where my blogging was born. It has always been prominently mentioned on this blog by reblogs and sidebar links. The world each day is becoming more dysfunctional and my desire … Continue reading

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Some philosophy courtesy ‘The Excavator”

The previous post reblogged from TIP belonged to the site “The Excavator“, hosted by Saman Mohammadi. Viewing the article revealed his website’s sidebar, replete with an impressive array of philosophical gems. I reproduce them here with due acknowledgment and, I … Continue reading

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The Importance of Being Informed (vs The danger of believing Propaganda)

and the Ability to Discern between Truth and Propaganda. The origin of the previous post (The Madness of Western Civilization), is a website named ‘The Excavator’, actually meaning ‘Truth Excavator’, now included as a link in the “World Issues’ group. It tends … Continue reading

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Lies, Damned Lies and Journalistic Fraud

If people ask me, how do you know what you publish is the truth?, I have to admit that I don’t personally KNOW these issues are true. However, what I publish are selected items from many other sources, where there … Continue reading

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