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New Studies: ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Sane; Government Dupes Crazy, Hostile

This interesting, at least to me anyway, article by Dr. Kevin Barrett | PressTV |, posted by CLN “Conscious Life News”, is a must to be displayed here. It is nice to be placed in the sane category by some … Continue reading

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Israeli death squads involved in Sandy Hook bloodbath: Intelligence analyst

Considering the evidence presented here, including the content of the ‘PressTV” live conference on gun controls, containing MikeHarris’ Zionist participation claim, I am satisfied that this post deserves further exposure. The Newtown incident incites more questions than answers and Obama’s … Continue reading

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Libya – More claims of atrocities blamed on NATO

COTO posts this to make the public aware that Obama  and Cameron are lying about the Libyan situation. I think there is enough information here to support the beliefs that the invasion and destruction by NATO are not humanitarian, far … Continue reading

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