I Blame The Australian Carbon Tax for Price Increases

Wayne Swan and the Carbon Tax

Image by Leonard John Matthews via Flickr

This is a weird  situation.

Prices will increase because of the carbon tax. But price rises will be illegal if not verified by paperwork that the carbon tax is the reason. Carbon police will be afoot!

Lower income persons will be compensated for carbon tax increases, but the correct amount is almost impossible to compute. The Carbon Tax is forever, it seems, and may will probably increase, but the compensation will be at the whim of the government. (Which, of course, can be trusted).

The Carbon Tax is an absolute farce. It has no scientific basis. It has no effect on global pollution. It has been introduced on the basis of fraudulent claims. It removes power from our government and transfers it to outside authorities. It increases costs, will reduce employment, will further unbalance our overseas payments, and will put businesses out of business. Whatever employment may be created will be at the cost of uneconomical subsidisation.

Julia Gillard has made a deal and has had to force it through parliament by cheating on her fellow politicians and the Australian public.

This is all so stupid!

I give you a WUWT post, by Willis Eschenbach:

You likely didn’t realize that the First Rule for the Carbon Tax Club is … nobody talks about the Carbon Tax Club.

And not only that … it could cost the poor Aussies big bucks if they say what I just said about the Carbon Tax Club.

Gotta love totalitarianism in the service of national eco-themed suicide …

Read the full article:

About Ken McMurtrie

Retired Electronics Engineer, most recently installing and maintaining medical X-Ray equipment. A mature age "student" of Life and Nature, an advocate of Truth, Justice and Humanity, promoting awareness of the injustices in the world.
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3 Responses to I Blame The Australian Carbon Tax for Price Increases

  1. Martin_Lack says:

    Hi Ken,

    I notice you popped over for a peek at my blog yesterday but, really, it is Climate Denial Crock of the Week that you need to keep your eye on, for example: http://climatecrocks.com/2011/11/23/abraham-smarter-this-time-around/

    The above article contains a link to one that I missed (as I was on holiday at the time) that is worth reading in its own right: http://climatecrocks.com/2011/09/02/bombshell-journal-editor-resigns-over-flawed-spencer-paper/

    Finally, of course, you were no doubt disgusted by President Obama’s speech to your very own Parliament but, in case you missed it here is a summary: http://climatecrocks.com/2011/11/22/obama-throws-down-on-climate-change-which-cannot-be-denied/


    • Hi Martin. Yes I am impressed by your latest series of posts. I hope to look closer and maybe comment.
      I certainly am disgusted with Pres Obama, not just his speech but with most of his misdirected activities, mostly involving serious lack of concern for citizens world-wide. He doesn’t help much with the social and financial disasters existing in the US, does he?
      I guess, you and I are destined to be on opposite sides of several fences. This is, in itself, very interesting. I have a inherent distrust in authority while you have a basic faith. Hence we travel different paths and arrive at different places. I suppose there must ultimately be a right and wrong in the issues about which we disagree, so far the issues have not become clear enough to obtain such a definitive resolution.
      In the meantime, our discussions are good for us both, or at least for me, and enjoyable. Also good for our blogs, I expect.
      Thanks for your comments.
      Regards, Ken.

  2. Re Martin’s comment: Having now had a look at the suggested “climatecrocks….abraham smarter…” link, I have no difficulty in quickly offering a response.
    Quote – “The science is so solid, the denier camp can no longer argue an alternate theory. In past years, that camp would promote their own “scientists” whose work, they said, called into question climate change. In the past few years, the evidence of climate change has become so apparent that denial is no longer valid. As Texas sits through a $9 billion drought and other parts of the United States suffer from either record droughts or flooding, even skeptical citizens are starting to realize that climate change is real, and it affects them and their pocketbook.

    In addition, the dwindling number of “scientists” that have represented the denialist camp have seen their research crumble like a deck of cards. These scientists have no one to blame. They are one-man wrecking crews of their own reputations. They have regularly published work that reportedly shows climate change either isn’t happening or is inconsequential. And just as regularly, their work is shown to be seriously flawed and is roundly rebutted and criticized.”

    This is nothing but pure rhetoric, it has no technical merit whatsoever. To repeat that the “science is solid” is an insult. To suggest that the Texas drought is proof of AGW is weak, it has far less substance than the claim that the historical cold in Alaska is proving the oppposite. Ref https://tgrule.wordpress.com/2011/11/20/early-season-record-cold-temperatures-stun-residents-of-alaska/
    There are no dwindling numbers of “denier camp scientists”, in fact there are increasing warmist “defectors”. It is difficult to see why anyone would be taken in by such nonsense.

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