Alert: News Blackout America Becoming Radioactive

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An alarmist title? Yes!

Is it justified? I guess only time will tell.

If it’s true that US monitoring is being restricted, also reported to have happened in Canada, the inference is that dangers exist and are being covered up!

Yesterday I was reading a complete whitewash of radiation dangers resulting from the Fukushima NPP devestation:

Reference ‘Junk Science‘ blog article –

They found just 10 people with unusually high levels of radiation, but those levels were still below the threshold at which acute radiation syndrome sets in and destroys the gastrointestinal tract. Geiger-counter readings categorised all others in the area at a “no contamination level”.

Radiation levels in Fukushima are lower than predicted – The fallout from the radiation leak at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor in Japan may be less severe than predicted.

… How did the population of Fukushima prefecture dodge the radioactivity? Gerry Thomas at Imperial College London, director of the Chernobyl Tissue Bank, says the answer is simple. “Not an awful lot [of radioactive material] got out of the plant – it was not Chernobyl.” The Chernobyl nuclear disaster released 10 times as much radiation as Fukushima Daiichi. (New Scientist)

My attempted comments to debate this were not published. Extremely disappointing as it is a site I respect for its good debunking of the AGW “science”.

So here is my opportunity to swing the pendulum the other way. Probably too far, but this is a debate where the actual truths are far from clear. My interpretation is probably far more accurate than that of the Junk Science article.

Here are some extracts from the ‘PakAlert’ article titled as above.

The mainstream media and federal government are conspiring to black out the escalating nuclear disasters in Japan and how radiation’s affecting  America.


Radiation levels are increasing across North America

Chances are you’ve eaten radioactive food and didn’t even know it. Most people aren’t aware that radiation is contaminating America’s food supply right now.

The source for radioactive food? The TEPCO nuclear reactors in Fukushima, Japan.

Scrumptious Fukushima contaminated foodeat it today and tomorrow it’s sayonara

The food supply is becoming contaminated by Japanese radiation and the U.S. government—and much of the mainstream media—is studiously ignoring the massive health problem that one nuclear expert claims is 70 times worse than the Ukraine nuclear disaster at Chernobyl.

More U.S. states find traces of radiation from Japan

CNN reports that radiation in America’s food chain is continuing to rise. Sporadic reports of what’s actually happening break through the media static periodically, but America is at risk of radiation poisoning and the mainstream media is focusing primarily on celebrities and the bickering among politicians.

[Note: For actual reports of the serious problem the U.S. is facing monitor the UK press, websites from Japan, South Korea, China and India. You can find them with a Google search.]

Media puts on a happy (glowing) face about radiation

After shutting down radiation monitoring stations across the U.S. as “unnecessary” the government and EPA officials continue to lull the American public into a state of soothing catatonic blindness: (My emphasis)

“Our finding is consistent with findings in Washington and California. We have expected to find trace amounts of the isotopes released from the Japanese plant. There is no health risk,” Gail Shibley, administrator of Oregon’s Office of Environmental Public Health, Oregon Public Health Division, said in a statement. [CNN]

Yet the official statements fly in the face of the data that the nuclear scientists at UCB and other nuclear scientists in Western Europe have been obtaining from air, water, soil, and produce samples.

So now readers have some balanced reports from which to make their assessments.  Keep reading widely and don’t rely on the mainstream media!

(Thanks to TIP for alert).

PalAlert article can be read here.

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