End of game in the Middle East, (at least in Syria).

A post from ‘Voltaire Network‘, by Thierry Meyssan.

Perhaps this post will convince the public that the real Syrian debacle is due to Western interference and nothing to do with the Syrian people wanting to be saved.

A story much the same as in Libya, except there, Russia and China allowed the atrocities to go on unchallenged. Now it is easier to understand that this is also the true picture in the Iran situation. Not nuclear issues, but regime change!

Although the armed clashes are not completely over in the beleaguered district of Homs and that the Syrian and Lebanese authorities have yet to inform public opinion of their recent actions, Thierry Meyssan appeared Monday night on the leading Russian television channel to make an initial assessment of the operations, providing first-hand information which he is sharing with the readers of Voltaire Network.

For eleven months, the Western powers and the Gulf States have led a campaign to destabilize Syria. Several thousand mercenaries infiltrated the country. Recruited by agencies in Saudi Arabia and Qatar within the Sunni extremist community, they came to Syria to overthrow the “Alawite usurper” Bashar al-Assad and impose a Wahhabi-inspired dictatorship. They have at their disposal some of the most sophisticated military equipment, including night vision systems, communication centers, and robots for urban warfare. Supported secretly by the NATO powers, they also have access to vital military information, including satellite images of Syrian troop movements, and telephone interceptions.

This has been falsely portrayed to the Western public as a political revolution crushed in blood by a ruthless dictatorship. Of course, this lie has not been universally accepted. Russia, China and the Latin American and Caribbean member states of ALBA repudiate it. They each have a historical background that allows them to readily grasp what is at stake. The Russians have Chechnya in mind, the Chinese think of Xinjiang, and the Latin Americans of Cuba and Nicaragua. In all these cases, beyond ideological or religious appearances, the methods of destabilization by the CIA were the same.

The strangest thing about this situation is to observe the Western media deluding themselves that the Salafists, Wahhabis and Al-Qaeda fighters are motivated by democratic principles, while they continue to demand on Saudi and Qatari satellite airwaves the head of the Alawi “heretics” and Arab League observers. It matters little if Abdel Hakim Belhaj (number 2 of Al-Qaeda and current military governor of Tripoli, Libya) came personally to install his men in northern Syria, and Ayman Al-Zawahiri (current leader of Al-Qaeda since the official death of Osama bin Laden) has called for a jihad against Syria: the Western press pursues its romantic dream of a liberal revolution.

Even more ridiculous is to hear the Western media slavishly disseminating the daily dispatches put out by the Syrian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood ranting about the crimes of the regime and its victims, under the signature of the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights. Besides, since when has this Brotherhood of putchists been concerned about human rights?

Well that gives you a pretty good idea.

Read the complete article here.

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1 Response to End of game in the Middle East, (at least in Syria).

  1. Perhaps not? Was this post premature? Later posts say it is not over!
    Who would have thought the US warmongers, although often demonstrating psychopathic tendencies, would actually be so remote from reality that they would fly in the face of the rest of the world and presume to take on Syria on their own?
    Even though France has retired hurt and embarassed and the UN has backed off, the US are still standing up to Russia and China, still claiming their humanitarian role of saving the Syrians (who have voted in a referendum that they are ok!) is justified.
    In my estimation they seem to be self-destructing.
    This update 6/3/2012 (d/m/y)

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