Vaccine safety – monitoring program for public benefit or information control?

Although there are uncertainties and the intentions might, at a stretch of a sympathetic imagination, be honourable, the conclusion states:

 “This last point, in particular, raises questions about the true purpose of the GRUVSS initiative. It seems plausible that the initiative is actually an attempt to control information about vaccine safety. After all, a global program like this may make it easier to prevent information about high rates of adverse reactions to vaccines from becoming public knowledge before government agencies have a chance to act. It would also make it easier to suppress data if necessary to continue selling more and more vaccines.

We hope these are just groundless fears, and that this is actually a program to monitor the reality of unsafe vaccines. However, based on the track records of the organizations involved, we really cannot help assuming the worst.”

The Vaccine Xchange

A recent announcement from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) raises some interesting questions about the ways in which we track vaccine safety. The FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research has declared its intention to launch a new program titled the “Global Regulatory Utilization of Vaccine Safety and Surveillance (GRUVSS) initiative.” The aim of this new program is to ensure the safety of vaccines manufactured worldwide by doing the following:

  1. Ensuring the safety of vaccinated people by helping developing countries to create “at least a minimal capacity for vaccine safety activities”
  2. Enhancing capacity for vaccine safety assessment in countries that manufacture and use either new or prequalified vaccines
  3. Encouraging “international collaboration, training and information exchange.”

On the face of it, this effort sounds like something vaccine safety advocates could definitely get behind. And indeed, it could be that the GRUVSS initiative finally launches a healthy tradition of demanding…

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