The Link Between Psychiatric Drugs and Nearly All Recent Mass-Shootings

Thanks to ‘JustMEinT’ for this video of importance.

Medication Time

Medication Time (Photo credit:

As Senator Feinstein prepares to introduce a gun control bill in 2013, any reporter seeking to discover what medications were being taken by the alleged shooter in the Newtown massacre will find that they cannot get this information, by law.

One must assume the shooter was on psychiatric drugs for what had been described as “anti-social” behavior, on his being “slightly handicapped” and suffering from Asperger’s
Syndrome, a form of autism.
Nowhere, will you find any reference to the drugs prescribed to the shooter. Nothing but guns are portrayed to be the problem.
Who stands to gain by withholding this info?
The drug manufacturers, of course.

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1 Response to The Link Between Psychiatric Drugs and Nearly All Recent Mass-Shootings

  1. There are always questions and uncertainties but it is reasonable to make conclusions based on the overwhelming evidence. [Some updating remarks added 19 Dec].
    Questions like – do we know this shooter was on psychiatric drugs? I am not sure if that is the case or or not but, the video is still meaningful in its own right.
    Like – would a violence perpetrator or suicide ?victim have behaved that way without the drug(s) known to be involved? Absolute certainty is not possible but probabilities of drug influence seem valid.
    Like – where do claims of staged violence sit with the drug claims? In cases where staging is almost a certainty, both “causes” are compatible and not contradictory.
    Like – is this Newtown incident a possible staged one? Alleged links of respective shooter’s fathers being involved with a financial fraud hearing are being offered to suggest this. [If that claim is true, the coincidence boggles the mind]. My own cynicism allows for the belief of possible staging to facilitate drastic gun law changes, changes that are clearly being pushed using the incident as a lever. Playing on people’s emotions enables acceptance of even the most extraordinary laws and losses of liberties, as we have already seen.
    Like – can this video be wrong in it’s conclusions? How can it be?, when so many professional psychiatrists themselves are prepared to damn the unprofessional use of psychiatric drugs and support the victim’s/family claims.

    Therefore, the promotion of this video is appropriate and essential if truth and justice are to be served.
    Certainly, it is reasonable to state that IF drugs are involved, the “use” of a shooting, for political expediency regarding gun laws is logically questionable. [Come to think about it, even without the drug element, the psychiatric element still ranks high in the contributing factors. Either way, gun control ranks low in priority. Political expediency is, at best, low behaviour. At worst it is fascist].

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