Earthquake Sends Kiwis Screaming From Wellington Buildings

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4 Responses to Earthquake Sends Kiwis Screaming From Wellington Buildings

  1. hirundine608 says:

    I know it’s a slang …… but if it were in U.S. of A would the headline scream “Yanks, Yanky’s or Yankees”? Similarly “Brits, Poms or Limey’s”? I suppose it was done with editorial licence?

    Britain in the 1950’s, used to have graffiti scrawled along rail bridges. “Yanks Go Home”. Long before their Vietnam involvement. A name by any other, would smell so sweet?

    That video of 9/11 conspiracy, sent one person “ape”. They said the Bush family was “honourable” and had served their country well? That I should join a “Tea Party” for something better to do?

    Go figure?

    • Personally, I don’t care if I am referred to as a “nutter”, “denier”, “Bush-ranger”, “ex-convict”, “colonial”, “Bleeding Aussie “, “ocker”, “Aussie bastard” or anything else whether intentioned as derogatory or affectionate or funny. I would have a problem with “liar”.
      People who are thin-skinned and hung-up about such things enough to care, are the ones with the problem.
      Only the truth matters! Even if derogatory remarks actually apply to the attacked person, they would best be ignored. If they are unfairly directed, the person who makes them is at fault and again, they should preferably be ignored, especially if petty and not malicious. If deemed malicious, the “receiver” should have genuine recourse to some retaliation, but still may be wise to grin and bear it!
      There are many things of much greater importance to get excited about!
      Thanks Jamie, for commenting.
      BTW some-one who calls the Bush family “honourable” is not to be considered worthy of attention, such ignorance is probably best left without further comment. Source of a good laugh.

      • hirundine608 says:

        Yes Ken, that is what I thought about that comment. Like yourself, it gave me a chuckle. The “tea-party” thing increased the hilarity.

  2. curi56 says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Stop destroyers of our wonderful planet!

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