Syria – Staged propaganda on TV news fools some people.

After seeing a TV news item showing Syrians talking about Assad’s forces committing atrocities, I am pleased to publish this article suggesting that one should not take mainstream media as necessarily being true. There are many proven cases of staged propaganda. Here is more evidence.

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6 Responses to Syria – Staged propaganda on TV news fools some people.

  1. Ken, thank you for directing me not only to the ‘Danny’ story but also to that astonishing video clip of the oil refinery fire set-up. Correct me if I’m wrong – Is this fire the same incident which is featured in CNN’s big propaganda special airing today called ’72 hours under fire’? That would imply that the terrorists responsible are linked to the people in Syria (and outside) who arranged for that CNN crew (Hallsworth, Damon, et al) to be in Homs just at that time – a huge exposure of how a major network has been either duped or made willingly complicit in a crime blamed on Assad.

    • Well John, It is difficult to sort the facts from the propaganda.
      If CNN are simply receiving reports from free-lance operators, they make take and air them on face value. If the reporters are on CNN payrolls or, even if independent, act on instructions to produce anti-Assad reports, that is another matter.
      The fact that we know one or more reports are fake, and our knowledge from various sources supports that the rebels are significantly foreign originated and/or armed, incited and supported, makes it easy to assume that all anti-Assad mass media coverage is also seriously suspect.

      I believe that the UN and the Arab group are heavily motivated towards regime change and political control, from a NWO threat.. Their claims against Assad forces are not to be believed.

      More time would allow me to more fully research the “Assad is a baddie” claims and if not substantiated, contribute to his real character being made known to the public.

      Attempts by us bloggers to do this, regarding Ghaddafi and Libya, failed to convince any controlling leaders or the press, yet there was ample evidence on the internet to show that he was a successful, (though far from perfect), leader who had created a very viable social structure benefitting the majority of the Libyan citizens. A far better country than it will now ever be.

      • I salute you for trying to do what you could about Libya. But I confess that I was just an establishment tool during the fall of Libya – reading and writing philosophy and theology and only watching that operation out of the corner of my eye – when ‘breaking’ stuff would chance to interrupt my 3 hours a week of television. The question of the degree of Al Qaeda influence on the opposition seemed secondary (not so today, however).

        But did you answer my question? Do you know if the fire in the video clip was the same one featured on the CNN piece that aired today?

  2. Firstly whilst I am still checking this out, The oil fire in the Alexander Higgins video is indisputedly caused by and filmed by the same group, supposedly Feb 8th.
    The same fire? Difficult to draw a conclusion. The fire could have lasted many days. The documentary was put together over time and then aired nearly a month after the fire.
    One point is that the reporter said they were told that something was expected to happen. IF that something was the oil explosion and fire, then collaboration with the news reporters is evident.
    I think it is likely to be the same fire, but only if the photographers were at or near the scene when the explosions occurred could we claim that they new about it in advance.
    Interesting that there is no evidence of how the injured received their injuries, they could have been from either side.
    For some of the recent period, I thought that the Syrian army were keeping away from the Homs area to let the civilians get outside help.

  3. Just for added information, this is the conclusion of the source article, [by Tony Cartalucci, an indepedent researcher and journalist who frequently contributes to The Intel Hub and writes at his own blog, The Land Destroyer.]

    “There was no widespread killing in Syria before the US State Department, John McCain’s International Republican Institute, and the National Endowment for Democracy trained, funded, and directed the unrest back in early 2011. Along every step of the way, instability, chaos and death in Syria has been the result of the West propping up these terrorists and perpetuating the deadly conflict as Syria’s government attempts to restore order.

    With lies, atrocities, and open acts of war the West seeks to complete their predetermined regime change before turning their deceitful war-machine toward Tehran. But as the facade crumbles, they do so as a naked act of military aggression, as Hitlerian invaders, not hallowed liberators – their crimes, committed before the eyes of an awakening world, will echo through history”.

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