AGW – Climate Science made Clear at WUWT

Urban heat island profile. 1=Suburban resident...

Urban heat island profile. 1=Suburban residential, 2=Park; 3=Urban residential; 4=Downtown; 5=Commercial; 6=Suburban residential; 7=Rural (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyone who is hooked on the concerns of global warming and wondering about the validity of the publicly espoused “science” is probably a regular viewer or follower of Anthony Watts “Watts Up With That” blog.

Others, who may hopefully be regular ‘TGRule’ readers/followers, may be content with the mix of topics covered here and thereby still receive adequate information about the AGW situation, flavoured in the negative of course. There is only “skepticism” and proof of it being reality, with a crushing critique on carbon controls and the Australian Carbon Tax.

The point of this post is to acknowledge WUWT as a major source of relevant information for me and this blog. Today alone has seen 4 relevant and significant articles from WUWT, one of which is reblogged below .

Firstly I wish to copy my own added comments from there, because they are an effective general summary of the fraudulent GW scam:

More climate science, as distinct from climate pseudo-science!

When “skeptics” argue about the validity of CAGW, it is not always against the claim of actual average GT increases. Some actual warming is real because of a higher population density, energy usage (not pollution but creation of heat in the process),  and terrain changes resulting in more stored and measured heat. (Loosely described as ‘urban heat island‘ effect).

Then there is the possibility that due to the solar heat source, read “where the heat comes from”, and related factors, it is not necessarily so that the planet has an ongoing warming trend. Historically,  trends include cooling phases and it is conceivable that this will not change. Some evidence suggests we are already into such a cooling phase.

One of the main “skeptic” arguments is that ‘claimed measured/computed temperature increases’ are false or exaggerated. This argument is strongly supported by this particular article, reblogged from WUWT.

So, of the claimed warming, part is due to “urban heat”, some is due to “cooking the books” and whatever remains is a lot less. The ‘lot less’ still remains to be scientifically convincingly tied to the atmospheric CO2 level.

Bottom line, the carbon control mechanisms are a fraud as they have no valid scientific basis.

Secondly, references to the above-mentioned WUWT posts:

It was the best of droughts, it was the worst of droughts

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

Of course, the media are advancing all kinds of claims about the current drought affecting much of the US, because it is the “worst in fifty years”. They claim that it is clear evidence of global warming, that it shows how much things have changed, that this is the face of global warming.

Another paper refutes the Mann made hockey stick – MWP was ≈1°C warmer than current temperatures

This new paper uses a rather unique proxy; high-resolution samples micromilled from archaeological shells of the European limpet, Patella vulgata. Mr. Limpet would be proud.

English:Now, even less credible than before (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A paper published this week in the journal Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology finds that the Medieval Warming Period “was warmer than the late 20th century by ~1°C.” The paper adds to the peer-reviewed publications of over 1000 scientists in the Medieval Warm Period Project showing that the global Medieval Warming Period was warmer than the current warming period.

Kiwi weather station data shenanigins going to court

Climate change readings ‘inaccurate’


A climate change group has taken the National Institute for Atmospheric and Water Research (NIWA) to court over what they say are inaccurate temperature recordings.

The ‘drought’ article is of particular interest because it highlights yet another area of “warmist” propaganda processes. An area that has had little exposure here. That of selecting extreme weather events and claiming that they are unprecedented and resulting from this infamous global warming/climate change/CO2 villain scenario. In all cases such as in the above,  claims have been “de-bunked”. (Proven to be “bunkum”).

So, on behalf of our readers and this blog, Anthony, we take off our hats to you, thanks!

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