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Louis Armstrong had it right – What a Wonderful World!

About time we had some really human, as distinct from animalistic behaviour to publish. Hmmmm! I think I am confused.  Is it possible that human behaviour is “animalistic’ and animal behaviour is what we would like humans to follow? Watch … Continue reading

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The reason why people don’t accept that our own government has turned on us

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  A SHEEP NO MORE (Facebook) The reason why it’s so hard for people to accept that our own governments have turned on us, is because we haven’t done anything. But, if you think…

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Neurosurgeon Shows How Low Levels of Radiation Such As Wi-Fi, Smart Meters And Cell Phones Cause The Blood Brain Barrier To Leak

From Sott.net, an interesting article  by Marco Torres, PreventDisease.com. It seems that we should not be complacent about low level EM radiation, the safety assurances provided by authorities may not be adequate. © PreventDisease.com Neurosurgeon and researcher Dr. Leif Salford … Continue reading

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Waiter, There is Arsenic in My Rice

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Tom Philpott Waiter, There’s Arsenic in My Rice —By Tom Philpott | Wed Sep. 19, 2012 3:00 AM PDT   So simple, and yet so complicated Tamaki/Flickr As I’ve reported before, the US poultry…

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