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Some philosophy courtesy ‘The Excavator”

The previous post reblogged from TIP belonged to the site “The Excavator“, hosted by Saman Mohammadi. Viewing the article revealed his website’s sidebar, replete with an impressive array of philosophical gems. I reproduce them here with due acknowledgment and, I … Continue reading

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The Triumph of Conspiracy Theories

All too true. Part of the brainwashing of the public is to label real conspiracies as “conspiracy theories”. Immediately conveying a slur against the conspiracy believers and psychologically influencing the gullible.

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The Globalization of NATO: The Roadmap to “Post 9/11 Madness”

The Globalization of NATO: The Roadmap to “Post 9/11 Madness” Repeated here, from “Review of “The Globalization of NATO” by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya”, By David Swanson,  Global Research To your average educated careful consumer of U.S. news media, our militarism … Continue reading

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Holding truth gently

Originally posted on Journey Through the Chrysalis:
“Truth is best served by recognizing a viewpoint as only a viewpoint, and refraining from taking that extra step of regarding it as true to the exclusion of all other views. In other…

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9/11 Mastermind Osama bin Laden: America’s Anti-Soviet “Peace Warrior” and CIA “Intelligence Asset”

Open-minded readers will perhaps see the truth in this viewpoint of who are the terror instigators. A suitable documentary for this anniversary of the 9/11 catastrophe. Related articles Holding truth gently (chrysalisjourney.wordpress.com) 7 Reasons Washington’s Grand Counter-Terrorism Myths Persist In … Continue reading

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