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“As The War Drums Beat”

Are there always two sides to any story? Almost always – yes! In the case of Iran and its claimed threat to the Middle East stability, predominantly a claim by Israel, there is significant evidence and the force of logic … Continue reading

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West Attempts to Trigger Clash of Civilizations

This ‘Land Destroyer’ article adds to the convincing arguments that the “West”, France, Israel and others including the Saudi’s are complicit in the Middle East atrocities, as well as the deliberate inflaming of the anti-Islam feeling and the resulting rioting. … Continue reading

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New Mandate for Healthcare Workers — Get Vaccinated or Lose Your Job

The reason for publishing this ‘VacTruth’ article is not the  loss of ‘civil liberties’, ‘private rights’ aspects, although that is reason enough to so do. It is mainly to add further scientific evidence for the unjust promotion of vaccinations as … Continue reading

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Wisdom of the Elders – (True for Native Indians.)

Simple, but profound and GOOD! [BTW “jelousy” is a correct alternative spelling]

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