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911 Dust by Jeff Prager – Final Version

This is something additional to all the “old” arguments and proffered evidence. Definitely merits a reblog. One thing (of many) that puzzles me is the explosive power of jet fuel. I believe it is basically kerosene, not a particularly volatile … Continue reading

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Dangerous Banned Vaccine Repackaged and Given New Name

This ‘VacTruth’ post by Christina England  adds to the enormous amount of evidence of serious problems with vaccines and the industries ethics and behaviour. Yet again the UK government has allowed a previously banned and dangerous vaccine onto the UK … Continue reading

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“Fraud on Massive Scale” – Pensioners OR Australian government?

Originally posted on JustMEinT's General Blog:
Finance Minister Penny Wong has warned elderly pensioners to properly declare their incomes. Senator Wong said today she had “not been looking under pensioners’ beds lately”. Just as well Penny, because I am…

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