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This time – Humour or Tragedy?

Another email contribution:

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Listverse: 10 Controversial Convictions based on false Confessions…

Originally posted on My Blog InCaseofInnocence:
10 Controversial Convictions Based on False Confessions Robin Warder May 22, 2013 One of the biggest causes of wrongful convictions is the false assumption that no one would ever confess to a crime…

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Hunger Campaigns to Kill the Poor

Hmmm!  What have we here?  Sounds a bit over the top?  Maybe not! Certainly it is an extreme viewpoint but very much worthy of publishing. This article posted by Coto2, ‘Food Freedom News’, attributed to ‘ Sheesh, Food Freedom News’, … Continue reading

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What in the World’s Going On? 2013 March 28

So much of importance is happening so quickly. Why bother with it here? Nothing world-changing will result of course, but my views, or what I believe to be important to everyone, are aired. Someone, somewhere, may gain and understand something … Continue reading

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Getting ahead in the Financial Crisis

This post by ‘intelhub’  “OWS Affiliated Group Purchases $1 Million Worth of Emergency Room Debt and Erases It” tells of what seems to be a brilliant form of reestablishing community facilities that are stalled because of debt. Whereas, the government … Continue reading

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Australian Authorities Authoritarian Attack on Natural Health Industry

This letter from Fran Sheffield speaks for itself, so to speak. Why is there a need or justification for applying the long arm of the law to genuine, truthful natural health services? There is abundant evidence of conventional medical practices … Continue reading

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Morningland Dairy destroyed by feds, $250,000 inventory stolen by government thugs during armed raid

We are currently posting damning information about the arming of the US authorities and asking why? Here is evidence of an example of why. If you can find any justice in the authoritarian response to a basically, or even perfectly … Continue reading

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‘Panicked’ Iran makes power move after nuke-site loss

More than “sabre-rattling”. Bombing another country without there being an outcry and serious recriminations does not indicate reason and justice in the world. Who is running (ruining), the world???

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Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere.

Originally posted on Clawson's Bloggity:
  This is about as basic as it gets. Anything that is not just, right, lawful or fair is a slap in the face to justice.  It’s like that song about the barrel being…

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Health naturally – Big Scientific Free Speech Win!

“This post titled “Breaking News: Big Scientific Free Speech Win!” on ‘Alliance for Natural Health‘ was published in May this year. It is relevant to copy it here because of a few things. POM pomegranate juice is currently a significant … Continue reading

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