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Vaccinations- Measles, MMR and in-general

Three relevant posts have appeared this week. It’s a while since this topic rose to the surface, perhaps an introduction to these posts will be appropriate. As usual, it is stressed that this is a medical field and although I have … Continue reading

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AGW – Reminder to ‘Warmists’ about the REAL issue

Image via Wikipedia ECONOMIC and POLITICAL CONTROL! I refer you to a previous TGRule post: NEW WORLD ORDER – In Action! A GROUP of senior economists has written an open letter advocating a price on carbon as an essential reform for the … Continue reading

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Quote: “humanity hanging on a cross of iron”

“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not … Continue reading

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LIBYA – Humanitarian OR OIL supply take-over?

This author posted recently on Libya and the NATO attack on the Gaddafi regime. Ref: Libya – Theatre of the Absurd.    Libya – Why the fighting there? This post reveals the truth as to why Gaddafi had to be outed and thousands of civilians brutally … Continue reading

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More on AGW – Important Comments

I refer to the latest comments on the post “AGW – I’m still having doubts”

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Fukushima…is this the China Syndrome? Hartmann.

This video tells a grim story. How bad can the Fukushima meltdowns be? How much worse can the situation and the resulting radiation poisoning get? How many people will die or have adversely affected lives?  Who will accept responsibility? How blatantly … Continue reading

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Terrorism – Blaming the Muslims – Media Misinformation

This is inspired by a COTOL post “Blaming the Muslims” By Robert C. Koehler. It specifically deals with the recent Norway incident involving Anders Behring Breivik but raises general issues regarding who actually instigates terrorist acts, who benefits from them, who … Continue reading

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Politicians live in Dreamland.

Reference the ABC News(Aust) coverage of Australian PM Julia Gillard, video coverage of Perth broadcast to leaders there – “US strength vital for relations”. “Prime Minister Julia Gillard has told leaders gathered in Perth, that the US must regain its … Continue reading

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Carbon Tax – No better time, says Gillard

This from ‘the Australian’ website  (AAP):  THE Australian economy is expected to grow despite global economic turmoil and there is no better time to introduce a carbon tax, Prime Minister Julia Gillard says. At a town hall forum to discuss … Continue reading

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Radiation Deception Continues

This blog is driven by a quest to reveal and promote “truth and justice”. It seems that the number and range of topics is actually increasing daily. This doesn’t say much for the state of the world, but it is heartening to see so … Continue reading

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