Inconvenient paleoclimate data that hasn’t been published

One reader commenter calls this a smoking gun. I can see why. What makes it more interesting is that the information is known to the alarmist scientists and they choose to ignore it. Perhaps they have a scientific reason? If so, it would be nice to hear it from them.

A pity the graph stops at 2000. However, the contrast to the claimed “warming” global average temperature is clear. Sure, it’s only one part of the planet, therefore only one part of what makes up the “average” temperature computation. Or would be, if it was included.

Was it included? Apparently not!

Watts Up With That?

Read on for a new Josh cartoon.

What’s wrong with this image? Well if you are part of The Team (RealClimate and friends), it goes against everything you’ve been publishing. You want the Medieval Warm Period to disappear, and you want a hockey stick at the end showing “unprcedented” warming. The shape below just doesn’t cut it when that’s what you are researching selling.

On the left is temperature in °C, on the X axis, years, with labels from 0AD to the year 2000.

Images like the above don’t sell. With a clear MWP and no hockey stick, there’s no alarm, and no $$ coming in for “further studies”. In the Wake of the Gergis et al retraction, Steve McIntyre notes that one of the “screened out” datasets just happens to be the one with the best resolution and the greatest duration – the Law Dome Oxygen 18 data…

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    No matter how hard the alarmists try to hide it, that darned Medieval Warming Period just keeps rearing its head.. perhaps it is THIS that is the ‘inconvenient truth’?

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